How I Overcame Obstacles and Reached My Goals by Ellen J. Barrier

I know what it feels like to have things taken away that hard work and finances and time were sacrificed for.  And I know the evil of those who are determined to cause an innocent person to suffer character assignation and financial losses, to accomplish something of interest to them.

I know the feeling of those who have suffered sexual harassment, and have been deemed to be the one at fault after filing a complaint against the person, who has committed such a wrongful act against him or her.

 In such cases, a career is lost, and the perpetrator is allowed to go free.

When a complaint is made against one in leadership position, to those at the top where such an individual, being the perpetrator, has friends: When those who are in a position to solve the problem, accept the story that the perpetrator has told to them, and terminate the one who filed the sexual harassment complaint, because the perpetrator recommend that they do so, this is poor leadership.

I am this person. My situation was one that caused loss of income that created a domino effect:  bad credit, foreclosure on home, repossession of vehicles, and personal property.

 I understand what it feel like to have worked very hard for a career, and accomplished a goal, and then have all of the time, and finances that were put into the training to not matter, because all of those things that were invested in that career, have been taken away.

Such an effect can interfere with a person’s mental capability and physical health if a way around the challenges that will come, when attempting to restore those things that have been taken away, is not created. There were many nights I experienced nightmares and sleeping disorders.

I overcame the obstacles and reached my goals by not focusing on the challenges

By focusing on opportunities with greater possibilities, I used my talents, and created skills:
Author, musician, singer and songwriter, owner of Barrier’s Books & Associates, a company that sale books, music, health and Personal Care Products, that consists of several websites.
Published two books, and written hundreds of articles.  The book titled, The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins is an Official Selection for Best Screenplay 2013 At The Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Achievements and Awards Received

A Certificate of Appreciation Was Awarded to Ellen Jean Barrier on March 8, 2013, from the Amnesty International for Her Commitment to the Crucial Fight to End Violence against Women and Girls

From the things that I have experienced, I know there is a purpose for the obstacles that were placed in my life. I gained more than I lost. My company provides information on various subjects that are informative to educate, inspire and motivate people to reach their full potential to achieve success in their goals. 

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