Lesson 1: What is Faith?

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.
Example:  On a windy day you feel the air, and you see objects blown around.
The wind cannot be seen. Yet, it is the substance and the evidence by the air you feel, and what you see happening. You know that the components within the wind are powerful.

The key word is Hope. It is the power beyond the things you feel and see: It is the power you can focus on to reach your goals. Hope is a component of faith. Faith is power. It is a gift from God.

Do not focus on a challenge, regardless of the force it present
The one big mistake you can ever make in life, as you travel upon your path toward your goal, is to focus on a challenge. What happen when people focus on a challenge? They lose hope. Fear of failure take over their thoughts, they panic and fail. This can cause a person to revert back to the past.

Reverting back to the past life, removes the focus away from the future. It is impossible for the past and the future to be focused on at the same time.  When looking back while going forward, something happens within the mind that causes an imbalance: Fear and panic starts to take control of the body and mind: The person then loses control of the ability to believe that he or she can move forward.

 A life story:
(Scene: The ship is in the middle of the sea, and there is a great storm)
If you have read the story of Peter, a disciple of Jesus, who was able to walk upon the water at Jesus command to come to him upon the water: as long as Peter kept his focus on Jesus he was able to get off his ship, and walk upon the water to meet Jesus. He made the one big mistake:  He took his eyes off Jesus, and begin to focus on the strong wind; immediately, he started to sink because of fear, and he panic. He realized he needed help, so he cried out in distress, “Lord, save me.”  Immediately, Jesus stretched out his hand, and caught him. He then said to Peter, O thou of little faith, and Jesus asked Peter this question: Wherefore did you doubt?

Jesus identified himself when he approached the ship by saying, “Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.” And Peter answered him and said, “Lord, if it be thou, bid me to come unto thee on the water.” And he said to Peter, “Come.”

The writer of this story informs us, the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves; for the wind was contrary. And in the fourth watch of the night, Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea. And when his disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying,” It is a spirit.” And they cried out for fear. And he said to them, “Be of good cheer; It is I; be not afraid.” Source of story: Matthew 14: 24-31

Through the storms of life, we long to hear the words Jesus spoke to Peter and those on the ship that was tossed by the strong wind and waves. Be of good cheer. It is I. Be not afraid.

God is our power of hope. Through prayers, and songs of inspirations as well as music, our faith and hope is increased, and many goals are achieved.

Written by Ellen Jean Barrier

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The Prisoner of the Suicide Demon

A dark evil presence can harm a person’s entire being, and cause him or her to harm him or herself and others, if this monster living within the mind is not controlled, and is soon defeated.  There is a reason why such things occur within the mind of a person.  Let me take you to a place where a better understanding of such darkness can creep into the mind, and take over a person’s spiritual being.

When evil things happen to people, they can become depressed, and the mental pain becomes too much to endure.  When medications, and alcohol or drugs no longer work, they toss and turn: Sleep no longer welcome them, the desire for food and things they once had the pleasure of enjoying, no longer exist. They live in a world of darkness, tormented by evil. Such a person become lost, the mind will look for ways to escape from this imprisonment.

Nowhere to Run and No Place to Hide
In the mind of such person, another spirit dwells within it, and control the thought process: Panic attacks take over the mind, and interfere with the body chemical makeup:

That person become incompetent to make rational decisions: Death appears to be the answer for many individuals, when voices are telling them to end his or her life.  They shut down their communications with others, because they believe that humans don’t have the answer they need.

The demon living within such a person, do not want that person to pray, because that spirit fear prayer. Prayer brings a spiritual force into the presence of a demon, that cause fear of being forced out of the body it possess.  Demons can be cast out by people possessing the Spirit of God.

Personal Story:
When I was a child, my dad became depressed and contemplated suicide. He was dealing with some financial problems and a boss on his job, that was too demanding, impatient and mean spirited, that overloaded his work production. These problems brought about, issues that became too much for him to endure. I recall hearing him talking about how difficult his boss was to work for. It was his only source of financial income. Finding another job, would have been next to impossible for him, at that particular time. His boss knew that, which is why, he treated my dad with cruelty.

It was through prayer, and other means of family and friends support of interventions that helped my dad to deal with his mental health problems: Showing love, and caring with patience, helped him to overcome the voices he said he heard, telling him to end his life. He started going to church, and singing in a group, and playing piano. He found the strength he needed, to live a peaceful and productive life.

My dad never told my family that he was feeling distressed.  One day, he left home, and was gone longer than usual on his day off from work.  My mother and brothers went to search for him because they felt he might have been harmed by some physical means. When they found him, he was preparing to take his own life. That was when he told them, about his mental illness. Fortunately, they found him at a time that was helpful in preventing him from taking his own life.

The demon that had to be cast out:
Demons can be cast out by people possessing the Spirit of God

This particular person was a female, who had attempted to take her life. She had tried to cut her wrist on this night, her family brought her to church for prayer.

During church service, she stared making loud noises that sounded like an animal: Her eyes became unusually looking, her tongue became like that of an animal. It hung on her chest drooling. When I along with some of the other church members, approached her, she fell to the floor and started rolling over, screaming blood curdling sounds. We placed our hands on her body, and commanded the demon to come out, of her.  He did.

After that night, she kept coming back to church faithful, and giving us positive updates on her health. She read the Bible and sang praises to God, and prayed.  She had experienced some personal problems that were too difficult for her to handle.

Being in a dysfunctional relationship, dealing with financial issues, working in an unfavorable job environment, or dealing with other issues that overload the mind, can result in stressful situations that can cause health problems. Such problems are anxiety and panic attacks that result in loss of sleep and poor or no appetite, along with other mental and health problems.

How to Prevent Becoming the Prisoner of the Suicide Demon
Family and friends can help by listening and giving their Love and Support. Never shut people out of your life.
Talk to God: demons fear him.
Scripture: Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of Peace and Truth (Jeremiah 33: 6) King James Bible
Written by: Ellen J. Barrier (Spiritual Counselor License in 1971)  
September 27, 2015

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Author: Ellen J. Barrier                              

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