Children Caught in Cross Fire: Violent Deaths

(The Worst Yet is Expected to Come)

 The above headlines were reported in the year of 1995. That prediction has come to our world in this present time. "Homicide rates are at highs for teenage boys," according to researchers with a population Reference Bureau. They noted, that among all homicide victims, three-fifths are young adults. According to their report; "From preschool to age 14, children are likely to be murdered now, than at any time in decades."

The experts for this study warned, this is no statistic blip, no brief violent era that will soon level off. “The worst is yet to come.” Said a criminal justice dean.

23-year-old man was killed because of Hate

On a cold November night a 23-year-old male was marched into a wooded area, in near freezing weather, without his clothing to a sand pit by his executioners 3 males ages 17, 19 and 29. These three males pistol whipped, punched and shot the 23-year-old male 9 times. He was lured from his job by the three who pretended they wanted to be friends with him. The 23-year-old male was a homosexual.

_ Written by Ellen J. Barrier

* Source of information: date and location of incident is from volume 2 “The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins”  The Mirror of Society (All copies are sold out)

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