The Mirror of Society Part 2 Crimes Committed by Young Criminals

(Sadistic and Violent)
A 12-year-old girl was sadistically murdered by two teenage girls; ages 16 and 18. After the 12-year-old girl had been lured into the car and driven for several hours, the 16-year-old girl grabbed her from behind by her hair, and pressed a knife to her throat. The two older girls removed her from the car and committed this sadistic act: They sodomized her with a tire tool, choked her with a cord, beat her, and sliced her legs with a knife. Then, the girls soaked a blanket in gasoline, threw it over her body, and burned her while she was still alive.
Motive: The 16-year- old girl, accused the 12-year- old girl of “stealing her lover.”

A 29-year-Old Pizza Delivery Man Attacked by Teenage Girls

When the man arrived with the pizza, and cold drinks the girls had ordered, he was sprayed in the eyes with hair spray, hog-tied, blind-folded, kicked, and beaten. Then he was loaded into the back of his truck and driven to an isolated field, where the girls discussed exploding firecrackers in his nose and ears. But instead, they chose to beat him again with boards containing protruding nails. Then they sat on him and stabbed him repeatedly until they thought he was dead. After they left, one of the girls returned to the scene and slit the man’s throat.  Miraculously, he survived.

We live in a world with both the old and young people, who have no conscious. They torment and kill for pleasure.
__ Ellen J. Barrier

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