The Beast within the Mind

A News Headline Story

A 10-year –old girl was brutally murdered by a 26-year-old male who lived in the same apartment.
The child was strangled and sexually assaulted. The man told the  investigator who questioned him after having seen the child’s clothing in a plastic bag inside of the man’s bedroom closet , asked him “Where is the Girl?” his response was “She is there. I hit her and chopped her up.” He informed the authorities, of his intentions to eat the child’s flesh.
When we closely examine the acts of violence that are occurring in high numbers, the majority of them are committed by teenagers and young adults, both males and females.

The Beast
The beast is an evil spirit. He is the demon the bible speaks of as “Your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion walks about seeking whom he may devour.”  (l Peter 5: 8) K.J.V)
 His target is very young undisciplined minds. The beast has no conscious. The mind that he possesses destroys and kills due to lack of consciousness.  The mind that is left idle is an open invitation for unrighteous thoughts to enter. Young people should be encouraged to find positive things to do, and to avoid negative thoughts and people who have no plans for their future that includes positive goals for achievements.
The mind of a demon possessed person is that of the 26-year-old male in the case above.  No person with a conscious could commit the evil act that he did. 
Demon __ an evil spirit; a devil; an atrociously wicked or cruel person; an evil passion or influence; a person of great energy; a supernatural being classed between gods and men.
          Demon Possession_  to cause to be dominated or moved by passion, madness, or an evil spirit.
            Demon Oppression_ to weigh down as weariness does, depress

Written by Ellen J. Barrier
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