Parents Who Are Bad Role Models

Father and Teenage Son Involved In a Shootout That Left One Male Dead and Another Injured

A child’s character is mold as he grows from childhood to adult, by those who have a strong influence in his life. 
Parents need to accept accountability, and responsibility, for teaching their children how to behave toward others.
Unfortunately, we have some parents who are setting bad examples for their children, by engaging in bad behavior with them.

Case in Point: 

A 52-year-old father and his teenage son were involved in a shootout, that left a 24-year-old male dead, and a 19-year-old male injured. This incident occurred, in the early hours on a Saturday morning, when the two young men along with some friends went to the home of the 52-year-old man, and engaged in an argument with his 19-year-old son.

When they drove away, the father and his son pursued them in their vehicle. At some point, they engaged in a confrontation and the shootout occurred. The father was charged with murdering the 24-year-old male, and shooting the 19-year-old male.

*Good parenting molds a boy’s character that will guide him, as he grows from his boyhood into a man. The teachings he receive from those who possesses good characteristic traits, are passed on to him. He in return, will pass them to others.


        1.   How do you suggest the father should have handled this situation?
         2.   What example did the father set for his son?  

       Written by: Ellen J. Barrier

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