Father Murdered His Children to Avoid Paying Child Support

A 28-year-old father was charged with murdering his 14-month-old daughters, to avoid paying child support. The children were killed by their father after he purchased a life insurance policy on each child, and named himself the beneficiary the following day, after his employer started deducting $800 per month, for child support from his paycheck of $2,000.


The father was presently married to another woman, at the time he killed his daughters.
Prior to killing his daughters, the father had been notified that he owed $400 in a second child support case, and a third child support case was pending.

Every parent should try their best to accept their financial responsibilities for their children. A child should never be treated as their parents property.

To make a child feel as though they are property that is a burden for their parent, will cause the child to feel unloved. 

Parents who do not try to make their child comfortable with both parents by sharing everything equal if possible, and treating each other civil, are causing unhappiness to their child who will have unpleasant memories of the parents.

Written by: Ellen J. Barrier

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