Women and Girls Suffering in Silence Because of Fear

#Domestic Violence

This is the story of every female, both young and older who is in a relationship with someone who abuses them physically and sexually; and torments them psychologically.

When Help Comes Too Late or Never Comes

These are the sad souls of females who lives in a prison locked behind the corridors of fear of their captor, suffering in silence. Many of whom have children who are affected by the violence within their environment. These women know if they expose the person who they fear, they will suffer a harsh punishment that could result in the loss of a child, their own life, or both.

Children living in domestic violence are affected with unhappy memories that cannot be erased.

From the Story: Life with Father

“Life with my father was a time of which I have no good memories. The one thing that often comes to my mind when I think of my father is the day he showed me a gun and said, I am going to kill your mother with this.” the son of a battered woman.
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Written by Ellen J. Barrier

Award: Certificate of Appreciation Awarded to Ellen J. Barrier on March 8, 2013 from
Amnesty International for commitment to the crucial fight to end violence against women and girls

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