Wicked Neighbors

The Stolen Trash Bin
In the late evening around 9:00 P.M., while my family and I were watching television, we heard a noise outside. As we watched, someone in a truck loaded our trash bin on and drove away. The theft was reported to Law Enforcement.

When the Police Officer heard our complaint, he asked, if we had paid our waste bill? He said, it was possible that we might have forgotten to pay the bill, and the company picked up the trash bin.  We assured him, our bill was paid up-to-date.  After having written the report he left. 

While we were thinking that perhaps this individual would return later, to cause trouble or attempt a break in, the officer returned with our trash bin. He said, while he was driving away from our home, he received a call that, there was an accident at an intersection close by our neighborhood, that involved a truck running a red light and hitting another vehicle, and trash strewn over the street.

He said, when he arrived at the scene, there was the trash bin in the middle of the intersection. The officer said, he initially did not believe our story, and apologized. He informed us that he was going to tell the communities to, “Be on the lookout for trash bin thieves.”

There are some neighbors who are wicked regardless, of what you do to try and have a peaceful relationship with, will reject you. Neighbors who steal and cause arguments in the community are not there to live peaceful, and to help protect their neighborhood.

There have been others who have reported, neighbors stealing water from their water hydrants, and vegetables from their gardens among other forms of theft. The neighbor who stole the steaks off the grill from her neighbor living next door, and lied to the Police Officers, who confronted her with the evidence of grease that led from the grill next door onto her porch, and others is evidence of wicked neighbors. 

__ Ellen J. Barrier
Barrier’s Books & Associates

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