Husband Kills Cheating Wife Judge Favor Husband’s Decision

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A truck driver found his wife and another man in their bed in the act of sexual misconduct; when he arrived home early one night. After the man and his wife argued about her unfaithfulness, he shot her in the head with a shotgun; the woman died.

Neither the judge nor the prosecutor showed any sympathy for the woman in this case. The judge stated, “I seriously wonder how many married men-married for four or five years, would have the strength to walk away, without inflicting some corporal punishment? I am forced to impose a sentence, only because I think I must do it, to make the system honest.”
The prosecutor stated “This may sound cold, but it was only one shot.There was no history of domestic violence in this case.“

Punishment for the husband was a sentence up to 18 months in jail, with possible work release, and 50 hours of community service in an unspecified domestic violence program for murdering his wife.

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 Written by Ellen J. Barrier
Author of The Price We Must Pay For Our Father's Sins

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