The Lovers Game

The Lovers Game is a risky and dangerous one to play. It can cause serious harm or death to others as well as to the players. In this game, the players lose. Nothing good can come of evil. To play with someone else’s emotions is a psychologically game that can harm someone’s health both mentally and physically. And can cause loss of life.

Case In Point:
Husband Beheaded Wife’s Lover
A 26-year-old Army sergeant killed his wife’s lover and brought his head to her. The wife is said to have been dating her husband’s friend and became pregnant by him. When her husband found out about the affair and her pregnancy, he became enraged.  He reportedly, confronted his wife’s lover and showed him no mercy. According to the report, he stabbed the man 15 times, and decapitated his head.
The report further informed: (both men were said to be in the military)
The husband went to the hospital where his wife were being treated for complications with her pregnancy and sat on her bed holding a gym bag. He removed the dead man’s head from the gym bag and while holding it with both hands; he said to his wife, “Look, the SPC is here! He’ll sleep with you every night. Only you won’t sleep at night. I studied, I planned this. I calculated this. I did this for you.”

Written by Ellen J. Barrier

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