Journey of Life

Caution   Keep right  Trouble is Ahead

Life is a journey for each of us. We travel it on a long path that is often winding and adventurous. Along the way we encounter many challenges and face many obstacles. Our goal is to reach a certain destination.

Many of us have several goals to reach. Some will reach all of their goals while others will reach a few.  However, we must always keep in mind, there are new travelers entering into our paths each day who will face some of the same obstacles we faced, and offer to them a helping hand.

For many people; finding the courage and patience, to not give up and take a detour from their path, is a challenge when facing tough situations. The power to endure, and persevere is necessary in such troubling times to reach a goal. Keeping focus on most important priorities is a great way to stay on course.

I believe challenges are God's way of strengthening us mentally and spiritually, and yes, physically. After having won each challenge that confronted us, we are wiser and stronger. However, we must reap what we sow, it is biblical.

___ Ellen J. Barrier

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